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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.
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About Us

Richards Manufacturing Company is a producer of electrical and gas distribution equipment for utility and commercial/industrial markets. For over 70 years Richards has served the industry with quality, dependability, and outstanding customer service. With humble beginnings as a family owned and operated business—originally entering the market as a producer of a single style of underground connector—Richards has evolved to offer a wide selection of products across several product lines. Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Irvington, NJ—approximately 14 miles west of New York City.

Medium Voltage Products

Medium Voltage:

The Medium Voltage Department designs, tests, and manufacturers Loadbreak and Deadbreak Pre-Molded items for installation on Underground Distribution Systems between 5kV and 35kV. In addition to “standard” products, our selection includes a number of innovative solutions that were designed to solve specific industry issues.

Our facility utilizes advanced injection molding processes and a state-of-the-art high voltage test lab to make a product that is both cost-competitive and reliable.



The first product sold by Richards—Split Tinned Copper Connectors—is now accompanied by a wide array of items. Our Connector product line is sub-divided into the following categories:

  • Compression Lugs and Splices
  • Split Tinned Connectors
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Underground Equipment
  • Pole Line Hardware
  • Rubber Products
Network Protectors
Network Protectors

Network Protectors, Relays, and Network Communications:

Richards is the largest supplier of Network Protectors in the world. We manufacture several designs of Network Protectors from 800 through 5100 Amps. In addition, we recondition utility-owned units and provide a complete array of replacement components.

ETI™ is a division of Richards Manufacturing with extensive engineering and electronics expertise. The portfolio of products offered by ETI includes Microprocessor Network Protector Relays (MNPR®), Transformer/Vault/Network Protector monitoring sensors, and customized SCADA communications enclosures.

ETI helps end-users design and implement monitoring systems for their underground network distribution systems. These custom solutions incorporate information from sensors and MNPR® relays, and provide a means of transmitting, reporting, storing and displaying that data. More than 20 major utilities worldwide depend on ETI’s MNPR® to automate their underground networks.

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    Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.

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