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Multifunction Meters

Advanced power and energy meters are revenue-grade devices used to monitor energy consumption and power quality in buildings, automation, or power distribution systems. Critical information such as metering data, waveform capture, harmonics, alarm limits, and I/O is supplied for energy analysis and control.

Acuvim II product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.BTL Cert.

Acuvim II Series

Advanced revenue grade ANSI C12.21 class 0.2 energy meter with Modbus-RTU & DNP3 support for over 400 and power quality parameters. Up to 8GB data logger with 3 historical profiles. Configure any rate structure combination for time-based, calendar-based, demand-based, or tier-based.


Acuvim IIBN product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.BTL Cert.

Acuvim IIBN

BTL Listed BACnet power meter with ANSI C12.21 class 0.2 accuracy. Measure over 100 real-time metering parameters. Monitor electrical parameters on single, two and three element systems. No PT/VT needed, directly measure up to 400V L-N or 690V L-L.


Acuvim L product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.ANSI Cert.

Acuvim L Series

Multifunction power & energy meter with ANS C12.20 class 0.5 accuracy for power quality analysis, time-of-use (TOU) and two over/under alarm configurations for any of 35 available parameters. Modbus-RTU, & PROFIBUS plus digital input/output options available.


AcuRev 1310 product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.BTL Cert.

AcuRev 1310 Series

The DIN rail power & energy meter includes four channel CT input to measure neutral current and provide residual current measurement. Auto phase-check ready to monitor wiring issues. Standard Modbus-RTU + BACnet MS/TP. Measurement Canada Approved, BTL Listed, & SunSpec compliant.


AcuDC 240 product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.

AcuDC 240 Series

DC multifunction power & energy meter with optional RS485 Modbus-RTU, & 4MB onboard data logger. Equipped with choice digital input and output; analog and relay output I/O expansion module. 0.2% accuracy on voltage and current; 0.5% on power and energy parameters.


EV300 product image.CE Cert.ANSI Cert.

EV300 Series

ANSI C12.20 0.5 class energy meter with support for any voltage system rated between 10V to 230V/ 400V. Potential transformer ratio configuration also supported. Auto frequency detection for 50Hz and 60 Hz systems. Multiple built-in I/O options available.


Panel Meters

Pre-configured, pre-wired power & energy panel meters reduce installation time & errors while providing an ideal solution for projects that require extreme protection from the elements.

AcuPanel 9100 product image.


AcuPanel 9100 Series

Custom pre-wired, pre-configured and pre-installed panel meter system. Includes factory-tested, color-coded wiring, shorting blocks for CTs, fused terminal blocks for voltage, & pre-drilled holes for conduit. Option of NEM4 or NEMA4X rated enclosure for Acuvim II, Acuvim IIBN, Acvuim L EV300, AcuDC 240, & AcuRev 2100.

 9104/9104X Datasheet

 9106X Datasheet

Multi-Circuit Submeter

AcuRev 2100 product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.BTL Cert.Measurement Canada Cert.

AcuRev 2100 Series

Multi-Circuit submeter measures up to 18 circuits for real-time metering & power quality analysis. 8GB data logger memory. Includes Modbus-RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet IP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP, SNMPv3, NTP, RSTP, dual Ethernet, WiFi, 18 DI, 2 RO ports. Web interface for remote access.

AcuRev 2000 product image.UL Cert.CE Cert.ANSI Cert.

AcuRev 2000 Series

Multi-channel submeter monitors either 9 or 18 circuits simultaneously. ANSI C12.20 0.5 class. Supports Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet-IP, WiFi, Ethernet, HTTP/HTTPS Post, FTP, SMTP, & SNTP over TLS 1.2 encrypted channel. Poll metering & power quality data with 4GB onboard data logger at 15-minute intervals.

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