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Dranetz Power Quality and Power Monitoring Devices

Dranetz power quality and power monitoring devices are available in permanently mounted and portable meters. 

Portable Power Monitoring Devices

Dranetz HDPQ® Plus & SP Family

  • Record sags/dips, swells, interruptions, transients, harmonics, flicker, RVC, power, demand, energy and much more
  • Dran-View 7 Software For Analysis, Reporting & Remote Control. Mobile Apps For Remote Control
  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 31Certificate (portable only)
  • Choose from 4 Models to Meet Any Budget & Monitoring Needs
  • Your Choice of 2 Enclosures for Each Model: Portable (with display) or SP (IP65 without display)
  • Ethernet & Wireless Remote Control
  • Colored Cables & Connectors (Plus only)
  • Large 7″ Viewing Screen (Portable Only)
  • Power From the Phase (SP Versions Only)
  • See Our Webcast Page for HDPQ, Dran-View 7 and Other Training Videos
  • UL and CE Compliant. 3 Year Warranty

Permanently Installed Power Monitoring Devices

Protect Your Infrastructure

Dranetz was a first to pioneer permanently installed or fixed power quality monitoring systems. Our industry leading web browser based permanent monitoring system includes a wide range of instruments that can meet the needs of many diverse applications. We offer instruments for applications that require advanced PQ capabilities, general purpose cost effective PQ with 4 quadrant energy monitoring and energy only monitoring applications. All PQ meters are fully compatible with our web enabled PQView® DE (and PQView) system software. Our ultra modern graphical DranScada HMI/SCADA software is also available for use with Dranetz meters and those from virtual an manufacturer.

Advanced Power Quality Monitoring

Our IEC 61000-4-30 Class A compliant advanced PQ monitoring instruments offer unique capabilities that enable you to detect PQ problems that other instruments may miss, such as negative transients, notching, intermittent switching & harmonics, and other problems that can only be captured using our advanced capabilities and proprietary triggers. Applications include utility substations, capacitor bank evaluations, UPS/mission critical environments, medical imagery and more.

Our advanced PQ instruments have a base sampling rate of 512 samples per cycle for voltage and current transient capture capabilities that go well beyond the requirements of industry standards such as IEC 61000-4-30. All of our advanced PQ monitoring instruments also offer waveshape and other advanced PQ detection, sag/dip, swell & interruption monitoring, as well as harmonics, flicker, RVC and more. Choose the product below that best meets your application:

Dranetz HDPQ® DataNode: The Dranetz HDPQ DataNode (HDPQ-DN) takes our industry leading portable monitoring and communications technology to fixed systems. The HDPQ-DN is perfect for a new system, or as an upgrade for the 61000 (61STD), and is fully compatible with PQView DE (supersedes ESS) and PQView software. The HDPQ-DN is fully compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3. DNP3 and Modbus are available for remote communications with 3rd party SCADA and other data acquisition ng systems.

61000 Family: The 61000 family (61STD61SG/61SGD) of PQ instruments are modular instruments that can be configured to monitor more than one 3-phase circuit. You have a choice of 4 channel voltage, 4 channel current and 8 channel data digital input modules to build from one to four instruments in a single compact, cost-effective enclosure. Uniquely designed with a modular chassis platform, these instruments can be completely customized (at time of order) to meet different monitoring applications. Common configurations include 1 voltage and 1 current module for traditional singe circuit monitoring, 2 voltage and 2 current modules to monitor two independent 3-phase circuits, and 1 voltage and 3 current modules to monitor 3 feeder circuits in a substation. Three enclosure types are available, both with and without a local display to meet various applications. IEC 61850 and Modbus are available for remote communications with 3rd party SCADA and other data acquisition systems.

General Purpose PQ & Energy Monitoring

The PQ3K and PQ5K are cost effective meters that combine general purpose PQ detection (with waveform recording) and full 4 quadrant energy monitoring in one instrument. Wide-ranging applications include utility, facility, manufacturing, petro chemical, mission critical and more. The PQ3K is housed in a 144mm x 144mm panel mounted enclosure that includes a high resolution color TFT display. The PQ5K is housed in a DIN mounted enclosure with an optional high resolution TFT color display. Both are compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A with a certification from an independent laboratory for trustworthy PQ measurements. These instruments detect and can record waveforms for sags/dips, swells, interruptions, as well as recording flicker, harmonics, RVC and more, all in parallel with complete energy metering capabilities. Digital I/O provides the ability to read alarms along with internal logic control to generate state/condition based alarms. IEC 61850, Modbus and Profinet are available for remote communications with 3rd party SCADA and other monitoring systems.

Energy Monitoring

The AM series,  AM1000AM2000AM3000 panel mounted demand and energy meters round out the power monitoring capabilities. Each provides a complete 4 quadrant power/energy monitoring solution that includes condition based alarming, harmonics, PQ disturbance recorder, and more. SmartCollect software automatically collects data from all instruments, or you can use your own SCADA or other software system by using the Modbus, IEC 61850 or Profinet protocols. Users can review real time meters, recorded data and modify setups locally by using the bright, colorful display or remotely by using the web based graphical user interface. Whether your application requires demand and energy monitoring, power quality monitoring or both, Dranetz can meet your fixed system needs.

PQ System Software

Our system software, PQView DE automatically collects data from all Power Quality instruments (not the AM series) in your monitoring system and resents results in an easy to use, web browser based operating environment. Multiple user can simultaneously see data in real time, trend historical information, produce reports and even intelligently analyze data using our unique Answer Modules®.

HMI/SCADA Visualization Software

DranSCADA is new HMI/SCADA software from Dranetz. Unlike other SCADA software, DranSCADA is built on a new, ultra-modern platform with a visually pleasing 2D/3D web based graphical user interface. Powerful communications and software interfaces, expandability, ease of use and an affordable price are just some of the other user benefits of DranSCADA. Just one look at DranSCADA makes you wonder how you used anything else before.

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