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Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.
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Water and Wastewater Treatment is probaby the most valuable asset to our communities infrastructure. Treatment of our wastewater reduces the amount of pollutants to a level that nature can handle. Equally important is delivery of usable water that is safe from contamination to our community. With that said these two cannot afford any loss of power that runs the equipment in these facilities.

Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc. understands the value of keeping you running. Our expert technicians are available 24 hours and day 365 days a year at a moments notice. We take care of several facilities in the Hudson Valley, NY and being located in Staatsburg, NY we have rapid response to your power issues. Service contract are availble and can be customized to your individual power generation equipment maintenance needs. 

In addition to our "second to none" service team, we also have the power generation equipment that your facility needs to keep going. As a New York State Woman Business Enterprise we also can assist you with engineering support, design and installation of your next upgrade or replacement project.

For more information on how we can serve you, please contact us any time at 845-471-9016 or Thank you!

  • Emergency Standby and Prime Power Generators
  • Switchgear - Paralleling, Switchboards, Panelboards, Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and Arc Resistive 
  • Static or Rotary UPS Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Switching Devices
  • Power Monitoring Meters
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Distribution Class Wet Transformers
  • Ultra High Efficient Dry Type Transformers
  • Surge Suppression
  • Engine Replacement
  •  Load Banks
  • Gas Substitution Systems
  • CHP & Cogeneration 
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    Protective Power Systems & Controls, Inc.

    Industrial Park, 2092 Route 9G, Staatsburg, NY 12580

    Office and Field Service:    845-471-9016

    Sales:     845-471-9018

    Toll Free:   844-387-7772  

    We are located on 95 Acres in the Hudson Vallley, New York

    The phone system will give you options to direct you to the proper department